White Scale Replica Hublot Classic Fusion ReplicaAero Skeleton Concrete Jungle Limited Edition Salute To New York City

Recently, Hublot cooperated with the street artists Tristan Eaton with innovation, that launched the first watch which made of concrete, classically blending the white pointer fake Hublot Aero Skeleton Concrete Jungle Limited Edition.

white scale replica Hublot Aero Skeleton Concrete Jungle

With the hale rough concrete and simple fashion style, the replica Hublot watch showed a free call from city that is the most primitive and wild. At the same time, the artist Eaton and managing director for America of Hublot, Jean Francois Sberro, jointly unveiled the black strap copy Hublot watch in Manhattan New York, saluting to the New York City with a spirit of pursuing.

Hublot Aero Skeleton Concrete Jungle replica with black strap

The fake Hublot Aero Skeleton “Concrete Jungle” named with “Concrete Jungle”, this also the New York’s nickname, and also reflected the unique material of the bezel. The back that printed with the collage art of Eaton, the statue of liberty as inspiration – “free” (2016). This is also the most perfect expression of “blending art” for Eaton works, and that coincides with the spirit of replica Hublot watches.

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