Swiss Best Replica Hublot’s New Square Bang Unico Sapphire Watches Is A Window Into The World Of Haute Horlogerie

When Hublot released the original Big Bang in 2005, it was a bold statement. When they released the Square Bang – a square take on the Big Bang formula – they were bolder still. Now, a year on from the high quality replica Hublot Square Bang watches’ release, Hublot has released an even bolder take on that watch…

The limited-edition cheap US Hublot Square Bang Unico Sapphire fake watches (ref. 821.JX.0120.RT), as its name implies, features a case crafted from polished synthetic sapphire, complemented by sleek titanium hardware and a translucent rubber strap. It’s quite a looker.

Of course, it’s exceedingly difficult to create and machine sapphire crystal like this, and 1:1 online Hublot replica watches is one of only a handful of watchmakers on the planet that is capable of doing so. Even just sandwiching the case elements together is a delicate art – too much tension and you could shatter the whole thing.

The Swiss movements Hublot Square Bang copy watches’ square form also creates additional challenges when creating a sapphire crystal watch, as it’s inherently more susceptible to shattering during the production process… But we reckon the square case shape really suits a sapphire crystal watch. It’s like the watch case is a window through which you’re peering into the luxury replica Hublot watches’ movement.

Speaking of which, the top Hublot Square Bang Unico Sapphire fake watches is powered by the calibre HUB1280 ‘Unico’, Hublot’s in-house automatic flyback chronograph movement, which boasts a 72-hour power reserve, a double coupling system and a column-wheel, all of which are visible from multiple angles thanks to the movement’s open-worked design and the AAA China super clone Hublot watches’ sapphire case. Indeed, the movement almost appears to ‘float’ within the square case; it’s really cool.

Despite the two-fold challenge of its square format and the case’s multi-layered sapphire construction, Hublot’s engineers have successfully ensured that this timepiece is water-resistant to 50m, which means you don’t have to baby this perfect Hublot replica watches… Even if it’s a piece of expensive, high-tech haute horlogerie.

Some watch snobs have complained that the Big Bang’s design is derivative. The same cannot be said about the Square Bang… And what other watchmakers are making square sapphire crystal chronographs like this? This is a proper statement piece, in more ways than one.

The Hublot Square Bang Unico Sapphire retails for $143,000 AUD, and it’s very much one of those Swiss made fake Hublot watches you’ll need to book an appointment to try on, which you can do here.

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