New Cooperation Between Hublot Copy And Lang Lang

Lang Lang who is the world-known pianist joined the Hublot family in January 2015 and new Hublot Classic Fusion fake watches with black leather straps are launched. Their idea “art of fusion” is presented and explained by both sides. Hublot official says that they are delightful to work with Lang Lang. “Art of fusion” means the art of music and watchmaking. It’s a perfect and creative way to promote this idea by holding a piano concert with Lang Lang.


Lang Lang also expresses that he is glad to be the brand ambassador of Hublot. He loves this brand not only because of its respect for the art of Swiss watch-making, but also for the passion and vigor I gain from its every transcension. The concept of Hublot integrating art totally agrees with the music spirits that I pursue. The uniqueness we present all comes from our inexhaustible passion for the art.


Hublot replica watches with yellow gold hands belong to a limited edition with reliable complicated functions. They have 45mm black ceramic cases. Some music elements are added to the hour markers. Their skeleton sapphire dials can show more details about the running mechanism. The watches would be very popular with the loyal fans.

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