Hublot Big Bang Unico WBC Chronograph Watches Raise Money For The WBC Boxer Foundation

With the assistant of the perfect fake Hublot, WBC José Sulaimán was founded in 2012, aiming to protect the safety and health of the players. This month, they held a dinner party to celebrate their cooperation. Meanwhile, Hublot released a brand new Big Bang Unico WBC special edition to witness the support and enthusiasm to the boxing.

The timepieces are created to pay tribute to the close relationship between Hublot and WBC.

Luxury Hublot Replica With WBC Boxing Foundation

There were totally 13 legendary champions of Boxing to attend the dinner including Mike Tyson. Jamie Foxx and Carlos Santana arrived to celebrate it with them. Now let us keep point to today’s theme – Hublot Big Bang copy with skeleton dial. The outstanding watches are inspired by the champion belt. Hublot offers two different versions for the wearers.

The material of the case of Hublot will never let you down.

Hublot Big Bang Copy With Green Leather And Black Rubber Strap

The elements of the WBC have been set at 9 o’clock position on the black skeleton dial and the caseback, reminding the wearers of the relationship between Hublot and WBC. Meanwhile, the luxury knockoff watches with green ceramic bezels perfectly embody the courage and perseverance of the boxers.

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