5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Real Luxury Fake Hublot Big Bang Watch

Since its inception, Hublot replica has been at the forefront of creating durable, high-caliber timepieces, renowned for its perfected art of fusion. Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco and Jean-Claude Biver, the brand has been sought-after because of its luxury replica watches that feature a natural rubber strap. Aside from that, it has a wide collection to offer that really caught the attention of many watch aficionados worldwide, including its Hublot Big Bang watches.

With the Hublot Big Bang collection’s appealing beauty and functionality, it has become a well-known and in-demand timepiece in the world of horology. That is why it is no wonder that these watches became a serious target for counterfeiters, creating high-end fake Hublot Big Bang watches. They are even so adept at replicating each watch that a simple watch buyer cannot differentiate the fake from the original ones. So, if you are someone who wants to buy and invest in a Hublot Big Bang timepiece but is afraid to waste your money and investment paying for a fake one, here are some key tips for spotting a fake Hublot watch you should be familiar with before going to a watch luxury store. Check these out!

How To Spot A Fake Hublot Big Bang?
Before setting your foot on the watch luxury store, you must be familiar with the features of an authentic Hublot Big Bang timepiece before paying for it. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a friend who’s an expert to quality check and assess whether a particular watch is authentic and real, especially if it’s your first time investing in an expensive luxury watch. Or, if you don’t know anyone that can help you, why not read these five key points to spot a fake Hublot timepiece?
When checking the watch, there are some quick and noticeable blemishes that are dead giveaways. The watch is fake if: skewed imprinting on the dial, case back, and strap; stick buildup around the edges, or messy or inadequately printed markings. Remember that a best quality fake Hublot Big Bang timepiece has a 90% thicker in its case than the original ones, as counterfeiters cannot exactly replicate the original ones. Also, check whether the number embellished in the Hublot watch is thinner and slimmer as it is the indication of a true and original watch. Plus, it is more perfectly engraved in the center than the fake watch’s date wheel.

Hublot also uses a unique and special H-shaped screw on each of its timepieces that are only exclusively made for the brand. Most of the fake ones only feature regular steel crews since the H-shaped crews are difficult to produce or create, so make sure to check them. Nevertheless, some created high-end replicas of H-shaped crews that sometimes it is hard to distinguish; that is why you must never forget to check its other features.
It may sound weird, but take note of the fact that real Hublot straps feature a narrow rubber base, and the leather part perfectly fits inside the rubber one. So, even if you have examined that a leather strap is attached to a Hublot’s case, don’t forget to check the inside part to have a rubber base to be considered a real or authentic timepiece.
One important key point to remember if you want to buy an authentic or real Hublot Big Bang watch is to look for a reputable and trusted watch luxury store, whether going to a physical store or visiting a website that sells an original Hublot watch. It is better to do some research about the seller’s qualifications and any information you can get to prove they are selling only authentic watches. If you opt to buy on a website, ensure to double-check and do a cross-reference on the URL carefully to avoid visiting a forger site.
You must know exactly what type of model of Swiss movement copy Hublot Big Bang you want to buy. Research about the price from the different dealers, and don’t get easily bait with sellers that offer a watch at a lower price. There is a possibility that a particular seller is selling the fake ones, but you can always read some reviews if there are any available on the site, and if they are just on sale, that is why the price cuts big. But if you cannot find anything that proves they’re legit sellers, then don’t ever buy even a single timepiece as you’re just wasting your money.
When checking the timepiece’s features and specifications, make sure to study and double-check its dial. Check whether a “Swiss Made” is spelled correctly and engraved on the watch. Remember that most fake Hublot Big Bang watches, its dial is printed.

Ensure to read each engraved word on the watch before paying for it. For instance, a luxury fake Hublot Big Bang watch might be engraved as “Made in Swiss” instead of “Made in Switzerland.” Some also say “Limited Edition” instead of the original ones that say “Limited Edition.” If you notice even a very small spelling or grammar mistake, don’t ever buy that watch because it’s fake.

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